Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Most Important Questions For Your Doctor

“Do not believe in an authority rather examine all that an authority says. Put everything to a test. Let truth be your authority, not authority your truth.”
-Joel Robbins, Chiropractor

“No practitioner should be treated as the only and ultimate authority on healthcare. Each can offer the benefit of what he or she has learned but it is up to you using your common sense, instincts, past experiences, and present needs and future goals to decide whether what a practitioner decides is true and helpful to you. This is how you remain in charge.”
-Harvey & Marylyn Diamond

“Nature made the cure. The doctor’s job is to aid nature.”

“Find a doctor who believes that God is greater than the medical associations and you have found a jewel.”
-Benjamin Roth

Two questions you should always demand an answer from your physician:
1. When prescribing medication, are you treating the symptoms or the cause of my illness?
2. What do you know about the long-term side effects of this medication?