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(NaturalNews) Ah, 2011 was a wonderful year for censored news, wasn't it? We learned a lot this year about the FDA, the CDC, evil corporations and fruit cereal that contain no fruit. The problem is, the mainstream media never bothered to report any of it. Or if they did touch the stories, they distorted them to fit their own corporate agendas.

Here are the top ten most censored Natural News stories we covered this year:

#1 - The Rawesome Foods raid

In this act of food tyranny, the FDA teamed up with California Dept. of Agriculture thugs to conduct an armed raid on a private buyer's club where they confiscated milk, cheese and watermelons. The mainstream media barely even touched this story, hoping no one would notice:

#2 - The Fukushima catastrophe

There's nothing like a little radiation to brighten your day, huh? When the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear facility melted down, the mainstream media pretended the world's greatest nuclear catastrophe was no big deal:

#3 - The USDA's mass murder of birds and animals

This year, NaturalNews reported on the USDA's "Bye Bye Blackbird" program which involves the agency conducting mass murder of birds, foxes, owls, raccoons and many other animals:

#4 - Natural breakfast cereals found loaded with GMOs

The mainstream media almost never reports on GMOs. That's because, as you might have guessed, their advertisers are all the evil food companies that sell genetically modified, pesticide-ridden foods to the public:

#5 - Vaccines continue killing people, but the media won't report it

You can always count on the mainstream media to lie about vaccines. But while they lie, people die, and 2011 was no different. This grandma died from swine flu several weeks after receiving the swine flu vaccine: http://www.naturalnews.com/031010_s...

The influenza vaccine was also found to cause infant seizures and other neurological problems: http://www.naturalnews.com/031075_v...

And Japanese children were killed by vaccines this year as well:

In fact, the Institute of Medicine openly admitted in 2011 that MMR vaccines cause the measles!

#6 - General Mills blueberry and pomegranate cereals found to contain no fruit

The press did actually pick up on this story a bit, but instead of crediting NaturalNews as the source, they simply ripped off the story and ran it as their own. One mainstream news channel featured a female "investigator" who claimed to have gone into the grocery store and "discovered" these General Mills cereals had no fruit. Predictably, they gave no credit to myself (the Health Ranger) or NaturalNews for actually doing the research and breaking the story:
See the video: www.FoodInvestigations.com

#7 - CDC admits fluoride levels in the public water supply are dangerously high

2011 is the year that the CDC finally admitted fluoride is dangerous in the water supply. The mainstream media refused to cover that story, of course, and spent its time pretending that fluoride chemicals are somehow GOOD for public health!

#8 - Clinical trials invalidated by influence of the mind

The entire basis from which "scientific" medicine is validated was called into question in 2011 with new findings about the power of the mind to override biochemistry. All of Big Pharma's clinical trials, in other words, may be utterly invalid:

#9 - HPV vaccines found contaminated with DNA / RNA of HPV

Gardasil vials were tested and found to be contaminated with the very viral fragments that the vaccine industry claims cause cervical cancer. The vaccines, in other words, were spreading the very disease they claimed to prevent!

#10 - CDC discredited with fraud indictment

This is the year that the CDC's web of fraud began to unravel, starting with former CDC scientist Poul Thorsen who was indicted for money laundering fraud. And the money he allegedly laundered was -- guess what? -- CDC grant money for researching vaccines!

Meanwhile, 2011 was also the year the CDC finally admitted flu vaccines don't even work! They "wear off," the CDC claims, which means the entire mythology of vaccine-induced immunology has to be completely scrapped.

#11 - The National Defense Authorization Act

Okay, here's a bonus item on this list, bringing it to eleven. The NDAA, passed by both the House and the Senate, would gut the Bill of Rights and allow Americans to be arrested, indefinitely detained, interrogated as prisoners in secret military prisons, and even assassinated by the U.S. military -- all legally! The mainstream media predictably lied about this story and claimed it didn't impact Americans. That turned out to be a complete fabrication:

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