Thursday, April 19, 2012

Secrets and Power of Water

This is what my dream was about last night and then it was as if I was ‘instructed’ to contact all scientists and film poster John Cadman mentioned below and alert them. I am not sure how to do that, with the exception of John who is actively on his facebook page, but at least you can mention to your groups if it resonates with any of you. It feels so right with my spirit.

What if water was the conduit to bring about a global collective consciousness of peace, freedom and love?

In Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory its not the matter that matters. It’s what’s between the matter that matters. The “Source Field” as Gregg Braden calls it. Bruce Lipton talks about epigenetics, the biology of our cells interacting with our environment. 80% of our body’s environment is water. Water coupled with positive intention (heart coherence) by the people could create the conduit to effect a mass global awakening. Our “spirit of intent” as we STEP INTO or EMERSE ourselves in the oceans, seas, rivers, streams, and connected lakes would be felt worldwide. Our spirit of intent would ripple across the global! Now imagine hundreds, if not thousands upon thousands of people, stepping off the matter/land mass into the oceans, seas, rivers and connected lakes with a spirit of intent to heal the planet, heal humanity, restoring love for all as well as justice and truth!!!

1. Unified Field Theory by Nassim Haramein-its not the matter, it’s what is between the matter. The source field, the empty space MATTERS.
2. Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton, its the environment. Our bodies are made up of 80% water, which we know holds memory and responds to feelings, our intentions, our emotions, which brings about cellular healing and change.
3. Heart Coherence by Gregg Braden, our heart’s electromagnetic charge/intention can set into motion unity consciousness using water as a conduit.
4. Secrets of Water posted in Nassim Haramein’s facebook group “The Resonance Project: by John Cadman-numerous scientist verify that water has memory, water responds to positive and negative emotions. Water has Consciousness!!! Secrets of Water produced by and directed by Saida Medvedeva and Vasiliy Anisimov.
Water crystals studied by Masaru Emoto-water feels, water holds memory, water’s structure is changed by its environment or a person’s spirit of intent.

What if? What if we created the 100th Monkey Effect by many people gathering with the right intentions to heal the world, bring peace and freedom to the planet as well as utilizing all of Gaia’s resources for global equality using the source between the matter: WATER? Think of it as our land masses being the matter and the water surrounding our land masses being the conduit to effect unity consciousness on a global scale.

Water even travels into places unseen and can travel long distances from its original source.  It seeps into all sorts of nook and crannies!  What an incredible way to spread positive intentions!!! When I shared this dream on The Resonance Project facebook page a person also suggested holding a quartz crystal while standing in the water would add significant power to our collective intentions. Brilliant idea.

Another friend suggested a global synchronized water event around the sacred number 12. Here is her comment: “There are 12 strands to our original DNA... the new human body has 12 chakras to work with for ascension... It was 12 star races who seeded us and created our human body... Jesus had 12 disciples... at 12 noon the sun is at it's peak in the sky... There are secrets and mysteries to the number 12 we do not yet fully comprehend... To synchronize, we could set the formula for: 1) Full moon day; 2) 12 people; 3) 12 noon; 4) 12 minutes in the water; 5) Meditation and visualization with crystal in hand for love and peace on earth.”

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